Why Recycle?
Recycling is the third and most recognizable of the “Three Rs”--Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
By recycling and buying recycled-content products, we can make a vital contribution to preserving our environment. Here are five good reasons to recycle:
  1. It’s easy: Recycling at home, school, and workplace can be easy and convenient. AT [MRC] we want to encourage communities to have curbside recycling programs for paper, cardboard, plastic, bottles, cans, and other materials.
  2.  It saves money: The first step to saving money is to shop smart: Buy recycled products when possible, and consider product packaging. Recycling can also put money in your pocket! Many beverage containers made of plastic, glass, and aluminum are redeemable.
  3. It saves energy: It takes 95% less energy to make an aluminum can out of recycled aluminum than out of raw virgin materials. Making glass from recycled material allows manufacturers to run their furnaces at lower temperatures, also saving energy.
  4. It preserves natural resources: Reducing, reusing, and recycling cuts down on the amount of raw material needed to create new products, lessening the overall impact on natural resources. And by sending less material to landfills, we can put a dent in the amount of trash we produce each day: enough to fill a Football Stadium top to bottom, twice a day.
  5. Recycling is more important than ever: Fortunately, doing the right thing is easy--and it can make you money. Many communities also have curbside recycling. And IF NOT, we’ll give you the right & simple tools you’ll need to start one.