JANITORIAL SERVICES (Silver Ocean – MRC Subsidiary)

Silver Ocean (Cleaning Services Provider): Silver Ocean is a local cleaning company, established in 2005, based in the State of Kuwait, has an exceptional experience in performing general cleaning works across the state of Kuwait.


Silver Ocean has:  

  • A full team of knowledgeable professionals.
  • Availability of required equipment’s.
  • Qualification to bid on CTC ,MOH , Oil Sector, and Kuwait university cleaning tenders.
  • Proper planning.


Prompt, full-service handling that includes:  

  • Planning.
  • Procurement. (Cleaning equipment’s)
  • Preparation on site.
  • Works Execution.


INCINERATORS (Kawoosh United Company – MRC Subsidiary)


KUC: is one of the qualified companies by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait (MOH) who participates in Kuwait CTC tenders to manage Hazards Waste, Industrial waste, etc.

MRC along with KUC offers efficient and comprehensive services to MOH addressing their Medical Waste Management challenges.


KUC provides Medical Waste treatment Services such as:

Treatment & Supplying Equipment’s to handle:  

  1. Hazards Waste.
  2. Industrial Waste.
  3. Liquid Waste.
  4. Municipal Waste.
United Engineering Services Company