Kuwait’s largest and most passionate resource for green living, waste management & recycling solutions.
To transform every building in Kuwait green with zero waste by protecting the environment and preserves its resources by empowering communities to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • To help communities to understand & appreciate the value of green living and it’s effect on future generations.
  • To restore, protect and enhance the environment, to ensure public health, environmental quality and economic vitality.
  • To inspire and challenge communities to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling, and reuse goals through innovative & efficient programs that improve economic vitality and environmental sustainability.
At [MRC] we highly believe that only by moving aggressively toward more closely converged operations we can shift our resources from low-value operations to high-value innovation - and fulfil the relentlessly escalating demands of the recycling industry.
Today we are 1 team, wholly focused on restoring & protecting the environment. We share an open flow of ideas, skills, people & information.
We value the opportunity to serve our industry as well as our community.
6. Brand Values
  • We act in an ethical, honest, and professional manner.
  • We provide the highest degree of administrative and fiscal responsibility.
  • We lead by example.
  • We set realistic goals and achieve them.
  • We are aware of the ever-changing needs of our customers and are focused on developing our business to meet the needs of the future. we embrace and drive change.
  • We continually evaluate the quality of our programs and services to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We create a work environment that values diversity, effective communication, and idea sharing.
  • We encourage, appreciate, and reward excellence.
  • We make insightful recommendations that promote positive change.
  • We value innovative policies and practices that promote sustainable communities.
  • We explore new techniques to address the waste and material streams.
  • We adapt to meet new challenges.