When it comes to efficiently handling solid waste recycling, no other company in Kuwait offers the experience and resources of [MRC].

The four Rs.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover. The key to driving down your total waste costs is to optimize your institution’s post-consumption materials management.

Consider that fully 80% of a typical hospital’s waste consists of municipal solid waste, which is no different from general weekly neighborhood curbside collection. There’s room for improvement, and we’re ready to help.

As Kuwait's leading provider of solid waste and recycling services, [MRC] has more disposal, recycling and treatment facilities than any other company in the industry.

Being flexible and forward-thinking enables our company to successfully tackle difficult waste issues. Our new recycling programs for medical plastics, now in development, is one recent example.

What’s more, up to 50% of solid waste can be affordably recycled, beneficially reused or even composted.

Our goal is to nearly triple our recycling volumes by 2020.