Our recycling strategy is simple: Quality, Quality, and Quality. 


At [MRC], we believe that only by producing and maintaining high quality recycled commodities we will achieve our customers increasing demands for higher material specifications in Kuwait and global markets. 
We continue to increase our recycling capacity through investing in new facilities. Today:
  • [MRC] Recycling Plastic Factory: MRC process most of the used plastics materials, the approximate production is 500 Tons/Month
  • [MRC] Steel Shredding Factory: MRC process all kinds of the metal materials, the approximate production is 10,000 Tons/Month
We work with local authorities and private sectors to find a recycling solution that suits their needs.

Our team of professionals will work with you to design a waste management plan that is tailored to your organization. Guidelines on how to launch and implement a green program are available and the importance of establishing a suitable reporting mechanism is also addressed.