Corporate Governance

Good governance remains an integral part of the way the Metal and Recycling Company operates

We believe that transparency and accountability are essential for our company to thrive and succeed in the short, medium and long term. Key aspects of the company’s governance framework is reflected across all of itslevels and divisions, starting from the organizational structure, board of directors, and executive management down to the  monitoring, internal control, compliance, and risk functions. The governance framework permeates down to the day – to – day operations of the Company.   

The board considers it an important priority for the governance framework to function effectively and continuously. The board believes that the corporate governance is a key element in the culture of the company. To accomplish the latter the board of directors has adopted  a comprehensive governance framework which includes policies and guidance   designedto  achieve a suitable balance a between performance and compatibility in order to enables the company to effectively carry out - it’s commercial and industrial activities .